Karma Salon


Q: Can I bring my friends/family/children with me to my appointment?

A: Unfortunately, only our salon guests are permitted on the salon floor. Due to the busy, fast paced nature of our salon, extra guests on the floor can cause potential dangers, or shortages of space for our salon guests. We must treat all our guests with consistency in alignment with our policies. Please limit the people you bring with you, as seating in our waiting area is also limited. 

Q: Why do I need a separate consultation for a big change?

A: In order to provide you with all the facts, possibilities, and the closest possible service estimate, we require in person consultations. This allows our stylists to speak with you, have an understanding of what you’re looking for, and see your hair up close and in person. There is always a chance you may not wish to move forward with your service due to these factors, and this is why your appointment will be booked at the time of your complimentary consultation. For colour correction appointments, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of your estimated service price is also required to book, which is taken at the time of your consultation.

Q: Do you use vegan/natural hair colour?

A: The colour lines we utilize are Schwarzkopf Professional, and Redken Professional. Pulp Riot is used for fashion colours. Professional colour lines typically cannot be categorized as vegan or “natural”, due to the nature of the product itself, and its chemical makeup. Pulp Riot is a direct dye, which allows it to be vegan. It is also cruelty free, and gluten free. While Schwarzkopf has an ammonia free line, please let us know if you have sensitivities to ammonia or hair colour so that we can book a separate consultation. This allows us to conduct a patch test, and ensure we have the correct colours on hand for you. 

Q: What is the best way to communicate what I want as a result?

A: The best way to let a stylist know exactly what you are looking for is by bringing photos with you. Everyone interprets and visualizes colour and styles in different ways. The best way to ensure you get what you are looking for is through photos.

Q: Why am I asked to change into a service robe?

A: We ask that you change into a service robe for your services at Karma in order to:  

-minimize hair from getting into your shirt/blouse

-keep hair products and chemicals from soiling/staining your clothing and to protect your skin

-keep collars and high necklines out of the way of scissors

If you choose not to change into a robe for your service, Karma Salon is not liable if any of the above should occur.

Q: Why is a blow dry finishing service charged separately? 

A: All of our services are broken down into segments in terms of cost, to ensure that you can see exactly what you are paying for. Most salons include finishing charges in colour price; whereas we prefer to show you the separate costs of each part of your service. The cost for finishing services (haircut or shampoo style/blowout) is based on stylist's time, education, level and product costs involved within the service.

Q: Can I opt out of a blow dry or finishing service?

A: Unfortunately, no. Our stylists need to see the result of their work on dry hair in order to perfect your look and check their work. This applies to both colour, and cuts. The initial shape of your cut is created when your hair is wet, then your cut is finished on dry hair. This process is used to refine the shape, remove weight, and texturize if necessary. Our salon policies are in place to ensure you receive the best service possible, and have the best result possible.

Q: Why does a ladies' trim cost the same as a ladies' haircut?

A: Trims require great attention to detail, and are performed in exactly the same manner as your initial haircut. The same amount of sectioning, focus, and precision is necessary to complete a great cut, no matter how much is being taken off.

Q: How does your reward points system work?

A: Reward points are tracked through your client file, and are earned at a 10% rate on products purchased. For example, $100.00 spent earns you $10.00 to spend on product! Points can be redeemed on product purchases once you have earned $10.00 in reward points. 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: All gift cards and styling tools are a final sale.

We offer exchange or store credit on products purchased within 10 days of original purchase.  Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Q: Why are professional products recommended?

A: Professional home care products are recommended for a number of reasons, the first being the preservation and enhancement of your colour. Professional products are designed to cleanse and condition the hair without any harsh stripping cleansers, or “filler” ingredients. They are more potent and effective than drugstore products. These products are also prescribed for your specific hair and lifestyle needs. Based on your consultation with your stylist, we are able to suggest products to provide solutions for your unique hair concerns and lifestyle.

Q: How much should I tip my stylist?

A: While gratuities are not required, our professional stylists appreciate any gratuity given.

Tipping for service at a salon is comparable to giving a gratuity at a nice restaurant. A common guideline is typically 10-20% of the service price.